Our Patrons and Trustees

We are honoured and blessed to have wonderful Patrons and Trustees, click the tabs below to find out more about them.

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Matt Croucher - The Lee Rigby Foundation is honoured to have Matt join us as our first patron and supporter. His service record and values make him the perfect ambassador. “I am honoured to have been asked and to serve as Patron of the Lee Rigby Foundation, a position which has humbled me…”

Brianna Cooke My name is Brianna Cooke I'm 13 yrs old, I have been working alongside Lyn since I was 9 years old, I love helping out for the foundation. When Lyn asked me to be young ambassador for the foundation I was shocked but excited too and I can't wait to work hard fundraising and carry Lee's name and legacy on, thankyou for this opportunity.

Lyn Rigby - Mother of soldier Lee Rigby murdered in London in 2013. Lyn founded the The Lee Rigby Foundation as a legacy for Lee helping bereaved military families and our veterans. The charity was registered on 27th April 2016, Lyn is a founder and a trustee of the Charity.

Ian Rigby - As a founder and a trustee of The Lee Rigby Foundation, Ian has taken the job role for marketing and sales. As a founder, he has been involved in the development of the foundation from a basic support group to the foundation we see today.

Gary Hobson Being a former fusilier myself and hearing of Lee Rigby's murder back in 2013, 5 minutes from where I lived at the time, I felt I needed to get involved and joined a group who were dedicated in getting a permanent memorial for Lee. After meeting with Lyn, Ian and family I felt I needed to get involved and help more.
After the family had set up the Foundation and a house had been renovated in Lee's name, I was invited by the family in 2017 to attend the Grand Opening of the Lee Rigby House in Staffordshire, the following year I found myself moving from London to Staffordshire and have never looked back since, helping out the foundation when and where I could. To now be asked to come on board as a Trustee to the Lee Rigby Foundation is an honour and something I'm very proud to take on and give my all.

Marlene Godwin I am honoured to serve as a Trustee for the foundation. Lyn, Ian and family are good friends and I have known them since the initial fundraising event The Lee Rigby Cup, which is now an annual event. The work they do for those traumatised and in need of somewhere to rest and rejuvenate is just starting and already helping hundreds of families. I am excited to be able to watch it grow!

Steve Young It's a privilege to have been asked to become a Trustee to the Lee Rigby Foundation, I will endeavour to give my time and support to keep Lee’s name alive with the foundation providing respite for Veterans and Bereaved Families.

Our Sponsors

We are proud to have Sarah Williams and Paul Newbon of The John Marston Pub in Longton be one of our sponsors. 

Our fallen soldiers is something very close to our hearts and to the hearts of many people that use our pub, we based our first charity day around Lee Rigby, and got to know his family that we now class as good friends. Paul and myself could not think of anything more honourable than sponsoring the Lee Rigby foundation with all the amazing work that they do. Our very own memorial here at the pub has Lee's name on a memorial bench along with another local soldier Roman Parsons. We fully intend on working closely in the future with the foundation to raise funds as often as we can with different charity events and live music days.

What are our plans

We attempt to provide a support network for bereaved military families, veterans families and serving military families and be inclusive of recent terrorist actions.

We have found by experience that respite therapy in whatever form works for many families but must remember to cater for families including children so for therapy to work, facilities need to have entertainment.

Foreseeable plans include a network of static caravans on suitable sites thus turning respite into more of a holiday break.

Donations are essential to all charities, in our case for buying the static caravans, site fees etc. Without donations, this couldn’t happen, and development means we could have static caravans on numerous sites across the UK.

Our Retreats

We are proud to say that we are expanding our Retreats and now have 2 in Dymchurch Kent, at the New Beach Holiday Park this is in addition to our already successful Retreat in Wales! 
For more information on all our Retreats, please check out our Retreats standalone site.